giovedì 15 maggio 2008

Quadri di mio marito!

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maman O ha detto...

Certi quadri mi piaciono molto: i gatti sul muricciolo sono bellissimi. Complimenti al consorte.maman Ornella

tina-kleo ha detto...

hallo Vanda!

So schöne Bilder! Sehr stimmungsvoll! Hast du sie selbst gemalt? Ich bin begeistert!

Love, Tina

tina-kleo ha detto...

ach von DEINEM Mann!, MARITO, jetzt habe ich verstanden....
er ist ein toller Künstler!

Anonimo ha detto...

Ciao Vanda!

I have been looking at your husbands blog and it´s beautiful.

I love the paintings of Toscana..!

The weather here in southern Sweden is beautiful..sunny and 27 C.
I hope everything is fine and the weather is lovely in Italy, but it always is, isn´t it?

Have a great evening,